Dark eyes stared out into the night, her eyes
narrowed themselves on the shapes outside.
Despite it being a full moon the fog had settled so
thick that she was hardly able to make out the shape of
the tree outside.

" —; La neblina esta tan tupida, que hasta
         los  fantasmas  necesitan  velas. 

         ” And you are?

She drummed the tips of her fingers
against the surface of the table, as
she stared at her unexpected visitor. 

—; Why don’t you sit own for a bit?

I’ve got nothing else but time to burn.

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{sorry for the absence! I’ve been busy at my main blog and a bit emotional because of                           Shae but I should be up and running again by tomorrow. }

—-; like this for a starter? ; —-

angsty sentences.



"P-please don’t… I cannot anymore…"
"I promise I won’t do it again."
"Get out of my sight!"
"You’re a disgrace!"
"I wish you died back then…"
"You deserve no good."
"You deserve a punishment."
"Shut up or I’ll gag you!"
"D-don’t approach me."
"It hurts so much."
"I cannot stand this anymore!"
"Let me go, I beg you."
"How long will you keep me here?"
"Leave this place and don’t return."
"You are no longer welcome here."
"You are such a wretched being…"

Les Amoureux
The Fall
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   ” What are you thinking of ?
                                                              Her voice softly broke the silence
                                                              of the library as she looked at the
                                                              stranger. Just a couple minutes ago
                                                              she had taken a respite from her
                                                              own book to look around herself when
                                                              she had the stranger sitting down
                                                              on a nearby couch, eyes staring
                                                              b l a n k l y across the room.


     Must be something awfully important  
         for you to be staring at a blank wall like
         that…unless there’s something interesting
         about that wall that I cannot possibly see.


"Later is preferable to sooner." There was a lighthearted lift to finality of his language but still there lingered an accusatory weight that seemed to scold for thinking differently on this matter. Though he didn’t care what she thought ultimately. She could believe what she wanted. He knew the truth of it for himself. 


The macabre conversation had hardly crossed his mind as a strange thing to be discussing though many people may cast an odd gaze to such talk. It was a daily occurrence like the news or the weather and it effects everyone. And really, he had more inclination towards this topic than the other two. That was saying much considering how up and up he keeps his ears in the news, public and private.

So what gave this woman the inclination? A beautiful well-kept woman was not generally the sort to delve into this stuff. She didn’t look the type. There was mild curiosity, but nothing substantial to ask over.

I suppose that there’s truth in what you say…but there are circumstances where sooner is preferable to later. At time death is a savior- ending the pain and agony that the mortal world often times creates.


     She stopped, if only to realizing how strange it must seem about this topic. Still it was interesting, certainly much more preferable than other topics of conversation that could have been laid out. She had seen countless times how those that lived a long life had reacted to death heavily contrasted by those that had lived a short and fruitless life. Truly it was those that had lived a long and prosperous lifetime had welcomed her coming like and old friend…always waiting for you at the end.

…such macabre conversation- not a topic most would like to speak on. Truly I must thank you for at least keeping me amused with your thoughts.

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Friendly reminder; If you’re sitting there, wondering how to get my attention/roleplay with me? All you have to do is speak up. Point me to an open starter you’ve made. Come talk to me. Tag me in anything. Send me memes. I won’t intentionally ignore you, but please remember, I am NOT a mind reader

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               ”Cuidado, mujer. ¿Quién coño
                te crees que eres? La muerte
                es la muerte, eso es todo. No
                tengo un miedo a muerte. Vida
                es más difícil.”


       ”¿Y tú? Porque yo creo que tienes
                un miedo a muerte, hablar de ello como esto.

                                           A laugh slipped from her lips,
                                          an amused look plastered on
                                          her face. For some strange
                                          reason she didn’t find herself getting
                                          angered by her response.
  ”Sólo estaba pensando,
    no hay necesidad de ser
    agresiva…. Para cada uno
    lo suyo ¿no crees?

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